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The Blender Innovation Theory Revealed

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So, you ask what is the Blender Theory of innovation, well it wasn't anything until 5-minutes ago when I was making myself a home-made Frapuccino, no the Frapuccino wasn't perfect, close to the real thing, but it saved me a trip to the local Starbucks today. Nevertheless, whereas, I didn't get my authentic White Mocha Frapuccino, what I got instead was a new innovation theory and concept, namely this new coined phrase; The Blender Theory of Innovation, which is indeed an innovation creation in itself right?

Now then, what do I mean by blender innovation theory? Well, what I mean to say is that if an inventor, creator, or innovator wants to come up with new and exciting concepts, often it pays to take information, experience, know-how from many different areas of the human endeavor and mix them all up. In fact, as we teach, train, and program Artificial Intelligent computer systems to become creative, this is exactly what they must be able to do.

They must be able to cross-pollinate, mix and mingle, combine unique data and information, and look for similarities, differences, adaptations, and then couple it all together in different ways. Just like a human might borrow information from various sectors and combine those with the individuals experience, education, observations, discoveries, etc. To do this one has to ask questions, lots of them, and then mix it all up, mix it together like a blender does when making a customized Frapuccino at Starbucks.

It's relatively a simple concept to imagine when you think about it. When you order your drink, they ask you what you want, and how you want it, then they blend it all up and give it to you. Well, if you are doing your own blending of your own concept, perhaps you will begin to see why this technique and innovation strategy works so well - because it sure works for me.

I hope you will please consider all this, and if you have new thoughts on how best to program future AI software to be creative, or a technique you have used to innovate, then please shoot me an email, let's talk, compare notes, and see if we can take creativity to a higher level. Until then, please consider all this and think on it. Blend it all up, and see what you come up with, and be sure to try out my new theory too; The Blender Innovation Theory, that is.

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